Issue a Proposal📖
Anyone can Issue a proposal in the following steps.
Issuing a proposal is a franchise of the community to make modifications to governance or asset circulation. To issue a proposal, it cost 1 $ROE and a twitter post.
Step #1. Simply send 1 $ROE to the address or alias below and include your proposal request in the description: Alias: @froeproposal Address: 3PPz2RyFRk1ppgQ9cPRcBFXC9paCtxSPpzG
Step #2. Copy your proposal transaction ID and make a tweet and tag @ffprotocol, @qnode01 and @signartapp. Also, the tweet must have this phrase: “A proposal to the #FROECOMMUNITY AND #FISHFACTORYP”
Step #3. This tweet is the last stage of your proposal when it receives at-least 10 likes and retweet. Before the team will add your proposal to 48hours.
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