FROE Token (🥚)
Froe is backing Asset for Fishfactory NFTs.
The Word FROE is an acronym from 2 words: FRY and ROE.
A FRY is the earliest form of a hatched catfish egg, while A ROE is the general name for fish egg. Therefore, A generic description could be said that a FROE is a FRY EGG
Description: FROE — Are catfish fry egg tokens backing Fishfactory NFTs arts convertible as: 👉 Tc = GW x 0.2 FROE or 👉 Tc = SGW x 0.2 FROE
Where; Tc = Token Conversion Output GW = Genie Wish Color Code SGW = Super Genie Wish Color Code
Asset Name: FROE Asset Symbol: ROE Asset ID: A4h9aifPtz371noBA1Khi2Eb4L3Vzf8LC8PtF4QysEd9 Network: Waves Protocol Wallets: Waves.Exchange, AMADI Dex Wallet TrustWallet Explorer:
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