Earn Loyalties
How to earn loyalties
LOYALTY earning is a use case of the FROE token that allows it’s holders to earn monthly rewards in EGG tokens for hodling FROE tokens. These funds are generated from the 👉 Genie Duck Farm
Anyone can participate and earn loyalties. Fishfactory NFTs is currently building a Waves Duck Farm From 70% Funds from the sales of NFTs.
50% of Farm share $EGGs Earnings are paid as Loyalty Rewards on monthly bases to HODLERs.
🔸 THE LOYALTY RULE: "A wallet is eligible to start earning loyalties in Waves Duck EGG tokens, provided it holds a minimum of 15 FROE balance by every 26th day on monthly bases."
Monthly Snapshots is taken by 11:00 UTC.
🔸 THE LOYALTY CLAUSE: The loyalty clause is only enabled, if and only if the loyalty rule (as stated above) is not active. Thus, its says; "A cumulative set of wallets holding a minimum of 1 FROE shall become eligible in a case where there are no single wallet that meets loyalty rule. These set of wallets shall share 50% of the monthly EGG tokens from Genie Duck Farm."
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